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The pioneers of lobbying in Israel
create an effective work space, a multidisciplinary team of people.
Goren Amir’s team of experts consists of professional consultants from a variety of fields, providing a broad range of solutions that consider the public interest, the point of convergence between our client’s goals and the economic/business interest, as well as regulatory considerations.

Our Clients The largest companies in Israel

Our Clients
The largest companies in Israel

We proudly represent large and small clients which are inherently affected by regulation or which have an influence on new regulation, in various fields: industry, communication and media, finance and capital market, municipalities, entrepreneurs and developers, and more.

Goren Amir in Numbers

For over 20 years now, Goren Amir has been advising companies, organizations and corporations, while providing strategic and regulatory consulting, combining a deep and exceptional understanding of the decision-making and regulation arenas in Israel. Goren Amir operates an integrative array of activities and creative tools, offering a unique, innovative and creative approach.

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