About Goren Amir

Goren Amir was founded by Aliza Goren and Tomer Amir in 1999. The company specializes in the provision of strategic and regulatory consulting services, crisis management and government relations, for companies and other financial stakeholders vis-à-vis the government, parliament, public and business sectors.

For over 20 years now, Goren Amir has been advising companies, organizations and corporations, while providing strategic and regulatory consulting, combining a deep and exceptional understanding of the decision-making and regulation arenas in Israel.
Goren Amir operates an integrative array of activities and creative tools, offering a unique, innovative and creative approach.

As part of our professional outlook, we like to become active partners of our clients and commit to supporting the needs of the organization and its causes. Our work methods are success oriented: setting a goal, and continuously working to attain it. The foundation of our work plan is a risk management model for regulatory risks, which looks after the inherent tension between an organization’s operations and the requirements of developing and growing it and the regulatory environment, which tends to slow down and even stop such processes.

At Goren Amir, we understand that this tension in inevitable and unsolvable, and therefore must be managed within the frame of consensus between the various stakeholders.
The Goren Amir team of experts consists of professional consultants from various fields who provide a wide range of solutions, taking into account the meeting point between public interest and business/financial interest, and regulation considerations.
During the dynamic work, and while managing the different arenas, the team operates an array of creative solutions, studies, information management and relations with the regulatory and public sectors.

The rich experience, deep knowledge of the political and regulatory arenas, along with the company’s values, come together in synergy, allowing us to offer our clients close guidance and counsel on their way to reaching their goals, with trust and full transparency.