Services Package

Goren Amir has a unique work model for efficient, success-focused representation of its clients, which offers a service package consisting of three parts:

Human Capital – A network of experienced professionals from various fields who have worked extensively with regulation and are up to date on the relevant topics.

Information Management – A system for regular collection of up-to-date relevant information for direct and indirect work needs.

Strategy – The company has developed and fine-tuned a strategic work model specifically adapted for representing different needs and causes vis-à-vis legislation.

Lobbying &

Extensive knowledge and familiarity with the political regulatory and legislative systems inside and out, an understanding of the market needs and a deep familiarity with the client and other relevant stakeholders, allow the Goren Amit team to take on a substantial number of diverse challenges.

The key to achieving effective results lies in the ability to manage several different arenas on a daily basis, each with its own agenda, in synergy and with the appropriate tools, analytical skills and fast response.


Our winning strategic plan is to create uniqueness, differentiate ourselves from competitors, build a reputation, identify potential internal or external threats and increase media awareness.
The strategy combines an analysis of the market direction – market share, industry activity, market trends, global processes – along with a review of the political-social-regulatory map, while identifying and charting the most appropriate and suitable path for each client.
We specialize in creating a tailor-made toolkit that is unique to each organization and each regulation, in order to yield the most effective results vis-à-vis the relevant stakeholders, such as decision makers, legal advisers, senior officials and special advisers.


During a crisis, one of Goren Amir’s outstanding advantages lies in the company’s ability to act with sensitivity and wisdom behind the scenes, with a profound understanding of the client’s values and needs. We share and deliver a unified, clear and sharp message throughout the crisis.

Goren Amir has extensive experience in managing large-scale crises, and has always been a prominent player in the decision-making process, thanks to the group’s reliable and long-term relationships with various government stakeholders.

In the process of resolving a crisis, we make sure to minimize the damage to the brand and reputation, and even turn the crisis into an opportunity. Our emergency framework includes a situation room that operates around the clock alongside the company’s management, combining reliability, creativity and confidentiality, until the crisis is overcome.

and Research

A key pillar of lobbying services is the informational work that is done on a daily basis, which enables us to receive vital information from the Knesset and government arenas in real time, as well as from public bodies and various government stakeholders.

Monitoring information, monitoring parliamentary initiatives and government decisions, and creating the right context for regulatory processes and policy-making, are all part of the data collection which affects the solutions we offer and the unique tools which are appropriate to each client.

Management Of

In recent years, with the increasing awareness for environmental protection, there has also been an increased need for laws and regulations. What started in Europe in the seventies by marginal environmental organizations, is gaining more and more momentum in the global public agenda.

The desire to be included in global trade agreements has pushed the state of Israel to legislate and enforce laws for the protection of the environment. Israel’s inclusion in the OECD accelerated that process.

In order to meet the emerging need, Goren Amir has established a department that specializes in dealing with environmental issues, which advises our many clients in the field of green energy, as well as other clients who are in need of environmental risks management. Our environmental working model deals with predicting regulatory risks and formulating effective processes for their regulation before they are formulated into disproportionate legislation, as well as formulating an outline for working with the regulator on regulating existing issues. Our working assumption is that regulating environmental issues is in the common interest of society and industry, however the principle of proportionality must be at the basis of any regulatory decision.